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Author does not claim himself an Economist nor having authority on the history of science. He considers himself to be a student of Economics and History. He is a graduate from a traditional Madarsa (Islamic Seminary) where he studied the Quran, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic History and Arabic Language along with Economics, Finance and English Literature. He also holds Master Degrees in Economics, Banking, Finance with Shariah and Law. He is awarded a number of certificates and diplomas in various disciplines of knowledge. He is a prolific writer on socio economic issue of Muslim around the world. He regularly contributes articles, reports analysis and research papers to various magazines, journals and Newspapers published in India and abroad. In pursuit of knowledge and experience he travelled to many countries. He has delivered a number of lectures and Juma Khutba in various countries in English Urdu, Hindi and Arabic language

Currently he is working as an assistant professor in Mumbai, where he is teaching Economics, Finance and Research Methodology. He also teaches Islamic Studies and Islamic Finance as guest lecturer at various institutes in India and abroad.

Present webpage is an outcome of his consistent writings and thinking. He can be reached at


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